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- June 21, 2012

A blog about all things audio, from the perspective of an engineer/audiophile.


Neil Young: Say Yes to 24-bit/192-kHz audio

  • 03.18.2014

Neil Young is back with his campaign against MP3s (and CDs) and is now offering a higher-resolution alternative. But do consumers really need studio quality digital audio playback?Read More...


Parametric EQ and streaming audio on iOS: What's the hold-up?

  • 02.21.2014

Music-making apps can pass real-time audio to one another on iOS, but if you're interested in doing the same with streaming music playback you're out of luck.Read More...


Slideshow: A pictorial tour of the 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention

  • 11.01.2013

Some photos from the recent Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York City offer a taste of the sights - and sounds - from the exhibit show floor.Read More...


Ray Dolby dies: EE pioneer in noise reduction

  • 09.16.2013

Ray Dolby, who developed the Dolby noise reduction system used in myriad professional and consumer audio applications, has died.Read More...

EE + music theory = confusion

  • 08.23.2013

Not too long ago I decided it would be fun to learn some music theory. But the first thing I learned about wasn't notes or scales - it was the language barrier between musicians and engineers.Read More...


Active loudspeaker design webcast

  • 07.17.2013

An upcoming live event/webcast will offer seminar sessions and workshops on active loudspeaker and digital audio design from a variety of experts in the field. Read More...

3D print your next headphones

  • 04.24.2013

Here's how one DIYer created a fully functional set of headphones using no traditional manufactured parts - just a 3D printer and a few raw materials.Read More...


Active loudspeaker design workshop

  • 03.19.2013

An upcoming live event/webcast offers the opportunity to learn active loudspeaker design tricks of the trade from a variety of experts in the field, including Peter Eastty and Ian Dennis.Read More...

Custom EQing headphones for your ears

  • 01.30.2013

Finding out the perceived frequency response of your headphones + ears 'system' and compensating for it using parametric equalization can offer some eye-opening benefits. But finding an EQ solution isn't always easy. Read More...


DIY laser mic, visualize sound waves, iPhone 5 DAC

  • 11.28.2012

Some recent audio-related items that caught my eye include a DIY laser microphone "spy" system, a video showing how to make sound waves visible, and a close-up look at the DAC inside the iPhone 5. Read More...

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