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Retired as Chief Architect of Credence Systems in 2006. B. S. Physics MIT 1960 Ph. D. Physics U. Colorado 1965 Life Fellow, IEEE


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  • 07.26.2013
  • Quantum wave functions come alive! May the Bohr Model rest in peace
  • You would have to imagine several copies of a specific figure rotated around to apprehend the resemblance. Recall that the calculated pictures of the standing waves are themselves just two-dimensional representations of the wave functions; their three-dimensional complexity itself is not easily grasped from those pictures, and the actual measured atoms are not constrained in their individual positions at all. The pictures are composites of many single images.
  • 05.09.2013
  • IP no longer the Wild West
  • There is a major issue brewing here. To the extent that IP inhibits innovation - and I believe it is quite obvious that it does - its application renders the Constitutional justification oxymoronic. This I would guess underlies the editorial phrase "or is it?" that appears in the link and in the body of the article, although it does not appear as I might have expected in the title itself. The "wild west" appellation remains appropriate, in my view, because patent wars and software licenses are explicitly intended to inhibit the innovation that competition naturally encourages.
  • 03.18.2004
  • Visibility=vulnerability
  • An interesting essay. However, a great deal of work seems to have been done over the last four years or so making Linux - especially Fedora - much less vulnerable. Fedora 12 is about to be released, and Fedora 6.1 has not been actively maintained, to my understanding, for quite a long time. It's pretty good practice to keep your OS up to date.