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Electronics hobbyist, engineer, physicist. I have lived and worked in quite a few places around the world. Overall, I believe in a united, peaceful and caring humanity since we have one home that connects all of us. Planet Earth.


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  • 04.10.2014
  • Simplify DC-DC Converter Characterization
  • I would have liked to read something about robustness quantification, i.e. the performance of the output to perturbations such as sudden (step) changes in input voltage, load stepping, etc.
  • 03.25.2014
  • Guarding chips against "electric floods"
  • I have issues with the very first line: "...electrical current naturally flows from the higher voltage to lower..." What does that say about conduction due to positively charged particles, which can even be ionic and not necessarily fundamental charges? What does it say about MAJORITY hole conduction in an extrinsic semiconductor? The statement may be acceptable to a lower class of electrical students but not higher.
  • 03.14.2014
  • Secrets inside an airplaneā€™s black box
  • What puzzles me about flight MH370 is that real-time engine performance telemetry data should be available to the manufacturer of the engine for any engine on an aircraft that is aloft. The data of from the Black Box then augments the telemetry. So someone knows something but is NOT letting on. In this day and age of satellite navigation, advanced electronics, etc. for an aircraft vanishing into thin air, that's just ludicrous.