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  • 09.30.2013
  • Thixotropy
  • When I was making Thick film hybrids back in the 80s.. we (micro-electronics processing engineers) had to address the rheology of pastes being screen printed. We were printing gold, platinum, silver, etc.. layers and firing on to ceramic. Wire bonding the raw IC die to the conductor patterns. Still an issue when screen printing solder paste on SMT assemblies. The pastes "recovery" (of viscosity) time VS the printing (shear) speed being used. Today, most SMT production people just "know" the first few prints of solder paste are questionable (image of solder paste on pads - not ideal) - till an equilibrium is established between the two characteristics of the paste. Break a rhythm in printing? start all over again. Rheology... ( bigger scope of thixotropic related issues).. an important thing to know about.
  • 09.23.2013
  • Too little of a bad thing
  • OK ... Where did you find "good" money? Of course, if they will take "Bad" money for their MOSFETs .. why care? And then there is that "money being the root of all evil" thing..... (go ahead .. smile! it won't hurt much) Regardless, you are correct. "max" in a specification should mean "max" (under specified conditions).
  • 08.13.2013
  • Disappearing data
  • Always better to provide a clean hardware design. In this case, a clean reset release after everything has settled down.. But .. if the software solution REALLY works (not just "sorta" works).... I would be hard pressed to see the value in making any hardware changes. The real risk: future designs at that company example: "We didn't need a clean reset before! why spend any amount on a reset IC?" That would be risky thinking.
  • 07.08.2013
  • NIST SP 800-82, rev. 1 security updates—Will your company implement?
  • I don't see any recommendations that haven't been known for a very long time. "Where are the teeth"...? The incentive to providing most of these security measures is: Monetary loss demonstrated, it is that simple. Forget incentives that are based on providing a more "robust" service to customers... they don't work... until there is demonstrated monetary loss related to it. There may or may not be a relationship.. (money/quality to service or product). But until the monetary loss has been quantified.. not much will change for most corp or bureaucracy decision makers. How much is quality worth? How much is security worth? Until is is tested. (loses incurred).. Most systems won't change. When risks are demonstrated to be real... things change. Think : natural disasters.. (Sandy, etc..) or terrorists (9-11, etc..) all known risks before hand, ignored until demonstrated. The problem: Society continues to demonstrate very poor ways of learning.
  • 07.08.2013
  • Shields are your friend, except when...
  • Anto: The equation was to approximate the lowest resonate frequency... not ALL the resonate frequencies... it is not intended to explain the higher frequency resonate points. As stated, the shielded area represents a "complex" resonate chamber. With cover and without cover... smallest variations in the surface can effect this, orientation of the injection/reception points, etc... all have an impact. The points: - Don't assume shielding of circuit is all good. (regardless of the form the shielding takes - Mulpin included) - Recognize the issues that come with circuits operating at higher and higher frequencies.
  • 06.20.2013
  • What is the biggest mistake you have made as an engineer?
  • Biggest mistake? Answering this question once before....(!) If you can answer this question while giving details.... you have (pick from following list): a) not been given much responsibility b) not been an engineer very long c) not taken any real risks. d) been VERY lucky.
  • 05.22.2013
  • Lincoln is issued patent, May 22, 1849
  • Suzanne, Thanks for the interesting insight. You may want to re-phrase the one sentence... "making him the only patent ever issued to a United States president." Lincoln was a patent?.. (kinda funny)
  • 05.06.2013
  • Is M2M Dead?
  • oops .. 1992.. Vinton G. Cerf (google) originally did the t-shirt.