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Steve Taranovich is a senior technical editor at EDN with 41 years of experience in the electronics industry. Steve received his MSEE from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, and his BEEE from New York University, Bronx, New York. He is also chairman of the Educational Activities Committee for IEEE Long Island. His expertise is in analog, RF and power management with a diverse embedded processing education as it relates to analog design from his years at Burr-Brown and Texas Instruments. Steve was a circuit design engineer for his first 16 years in electronics. He then served as one of the first field application engineers with Burr-Brown Corp and also became one of their first global account managers, traveling to Europe, India and China.


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  • 03.25.2014
  • Guarding chips against "electric floods"
  • @druggles---Yes, some of the article gets down to very simple basics. You are assuming that all designers out there in the world are hardware engineers. There are many other designers, such as some new software engineers who have not had much exposure to ESD on the hardware end of things. Probably most S/W engineers will know this, but not necessarily all. We have a very wide and diverse audience, and yes even budding hobbyists, who may need this information. Many students also read EDN, some of them are even freshmen---should they already know this? Should I exclude them from our readership? The answer is no. As Analog Editor at EDN, my main goal is to provide good, in-depth technical articles. Having said that, I occasionally post a basic article as a tutorial for those who may need it. There are not as many good mentors out there as there might have been in your young engineering career, so now--more than ever, we will need some good basic tutorials without sacrificing the leading-edge tech articles with which EDN has always prided itself and which our readers expect
  • 02.13.2014
  • 11 reasons to fall in love with an engineer
  • @MaleEngineer: Let me reply as an engineer----I love bacon! Well, ham is OK too. We engineers are for the most part not a threat since we will be doing some project or fixing something or taking it apart, so not time to stir up trouble we would probably otherwise start. These topics resonate well with me and most colleagues I know, but there are always exceptions
  • 01.01.2014
  • Op amp DC error characteristics and the effect on high-precision applications
  • I'm sure it was an honest mistake Srudeep. We have all had to learn this the hard way, but I know that the Professore, Sergio Franco, understands. And souf---thanks for bringing this to our attention, we always want to give credit to the authors who did the work from which we reference in our articles.