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  • 04.30.2013
  • Pocket white-LED torch is power efficient
  • Another way to make this simple ,is to simply use an 18650 size single Li ion cell which will have enough voltage to light up a single LEDl.It is surprising that , these cells cost lower than a single AA 1.2V NiMh batt these days due to mass production.In this way we eliminate the PCB and all it`s components needing only a single resistor
  • 04.24.2013
  • 3D print your next headphones
  • This is a great technology ,however could be dissapointed with quality of products created as mentioned by Blue Knight. i`m afraid this commercial based product printing will counter green earth. Example in this case the headphone sound quality is in question . With 100`s of good quality and cheap headphones out there ,it would be silly to print one which will ultimately end in trash. Let`s focus on quality and really usable products and save the earth.